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garage yoga


garage yoga

Garage Yoga is a secret Ashtanga yoga shala in San Diego, California. Students are hand selected by teacher/founder Liza Digaetano to study in her garage, as space is limited and this practice is not for the faint of heart. Ashtanga yoga requires tremendous discipline, patience, courage, determination, and faith.

Ashtanga yoga is based on the eight disciplines described by the great sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Of these eight disciplines asana—postures, or the physical practice— becomes the tangible catalyst that helps the practitioner to understand, experience, and live the other seven limbs, which include yama-restraints, niyama -observances, pranayama-breathing, pratyahara-sense withdrawal, dharana –concentration, dyana-meditation, and samamdi-unification of subject and object.

Ashtanga is traditionally instructed pose by pose in the proper sequential order. The teacher gives the student a sequence of postures to perform. During this process the teacher provides personalized and detailed instruction pose by pose, giving new poses only unless the student has mastered the current one. The practice is learned gradually by repetition in this manner. Over time, the student is expected to commit the series to memory without instruction.

Through focused breathing, deliberate gaze and correct posture, Ashtanga yoga is designed to stabilize the body, mind and ultimately the nervous system so that the practitioner becomes more resilient, peaceful, connected, and healthy.