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Go go gadget!

Just about to take off to Amsterdam for New Years. Linda just found the outlets, so now I can plug in my iPad, iPhone, laptop, UP band, digital camera, Jambox, Sonicare toothbrush, and all the other electronic crap that keeps me ADHD savvy. Oh wait, I almost forgot to plug in one more thing--  my new DSLR. That's right, my brand spanking new Canon 70D. Everyone, meet Nelson Benjamin Canon. He is so smart- touch screen, wi-fi, and good-looking. (See below.)

He will be accompanying me as I document every new moment abroad. This trip is an incredible journey for me, one that I have wanted to do for years. It's my own "eat, pray, love," though to be more accurate, I'm going to be "eating" wine and praying for smaller love handles.

Ok, I must wrap up, we have already pulled from the gate, and I am still typing.  

2014 here we come!


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