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Doing "the Rafael" to start 2014 in Amsterdam

How we rang in the New Year-

1) boarded plane to London where we met good ole Rafael Von Iamcrazy. Rafael a new friend that picked up on Linda while boarding the plane is quite the character. Not sure if he's the real deal or not, but he's supposedly he produces content for nature in Vancouver and in his spare time saves lives while teaching kids how to do karate and playing professional poker since he found that more interesting than staying in business school. All the whilst, he tells us he is the wolf whisperer and can talk to animals in addition to his other talents of jewelry making.

2) watch the whole city light up with fireworks in Dam Square

3) go to Cornerhouse and got iced, and quickly followed with meeting new friends from Paris- Chloe and Arnold

4) taken off to a boathouse techno dance party themed great gatsby, with Rafael our crazy Amsterdite

5) given that we absolutely have no euros and there're no ATMs, we are able to get rides from two friendly Amsterdamites back to our hotel- totally free and kind hearted

6) get to hotel at about 5 and are starving, and Yousef the concierge makes us two salami sandwiches and gives us two apples  

7) wake up high on life with some hangover messiness

Thank you Amsterdam for your generosity and kindness. I heart Amsterdam. 

Dam Square, New Years Eve

Dam Square, New Years Eve

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