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"When in Rome..."

There really is no great excuse for why I haven't posted in the last week, but my attempt to make up an excuse is as goes: I have been without Internet access, and I shut down my AT&T service, so I have hadvery limited access to the Internet. The times that I have been inspired to write have been mostly in my good ole Moleskine. Now that I have familiarized myself enough with the city to steal Internet and drink coffee, I'll be writing here more.

After spending three days in Paris, I made my way down to Milan. The city is eye candy. Leather boots, fur coats, pastries, Vespas in every color, pizza, buildings, a middle finger in front of the stock exchange, and just around the corner from the American Golden Arches (Le MacDo) there's the incredible gothic Duomo. My camera is very very busy in this city.

I've also been enjoying the sounds of Italian. Though it has been years since I took italian, I am quite surprised by how much I remember of the little I did learn years ago. I am trying to make every attempt to speak Italian when I'm not in school. I definitely want to learn Italian and come back with some level of fluency. 

It does strike me as rather peculiar how American tourists automatically start speaking in English to the locals. Could you imagine if an Italian started speaking in Italian if they visited New York- "Scussi, potresti dirmi dov'è il Central Park?" That's just not going to fly, so then why do we Americans go into someone else's home and expect English? As a guest in Italy, I hope that I can honor the Italians' rules of language- "Come stai bello? Che cosa fai bello? La vita è bella!" When in Rome, right?

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