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Amsterdam is a sweetheart

 "Are you cold? Do you want to sit somewhere warmer?

Do you want us to make you a sandwich?  

This drink is on the house. 

I'll have my friend get you into the New Years party, and if you want, you can come to my brother's house too.

Want to see a picture of my godson? 

We can give you a ride home if you'd like.

Hmm, that picture didn't come out well. Can I take another for you?  

Welcome! Are you in the mood for something to help relax you or something that will give you more energy? 

You want apple pie? We have three kinds- let me show you each of them.

If you want, I can swing by your hotel and pick you guys up. 

 You can use our Internet and have coffee here with us instead of having to go out in the cold."

Amsterdamites are so generous and kind. I have yet to see an angry person in the city. People chill on their bikes, while smoking a beautifully rolled smoke with good tunes in the background. Why is no one agro here? Perhaps the key to a peaceful and functioning society is one that allows humans to have the bare essentials for life- a little Red Light District, some "coffeeshops," and the right beats. 

This is an incredible city.  


Glühwein at Old Sailor, oldest bar in Amsterdam

Glühwein at Old Sailor, oldest bar in Amsterdam

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