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Idiomatic expressions with "fare"

On our first day of class, "Mama Susanna" told us that she was going to teach us Italian that was practical-- useful for us business students.

As such, yesterday's lesson was around idiomatic expressions using "fare"-- the verb "to do." Like the other romantic language, "fare" translates differently from English. For example, the expression "take a picture" is "to do a picture." Then Mama Susanna proceeded to teach us the other practical expressions using fare.

"When you want to say that you're flirting, you say 'faccio gli occhi dolci,' and after that, you can then make love by saying, 'faccio l'amore.' Now ladies, we do not say 'faccio sesso' because in Italy we are romantic. We do not 'make sex'; we 'make love.' Another useful expression for you to know is to take a shower because of course after you fa l'amore you should fa di doucer." 

I would agree that these are practical terms to know. God love Mama Susanna. Just to be sure we never forgot these expressions, she then proceeded to tell us about her son's pubescent mischief in the shower. How could we forget "fare" now?

This is reason #156 why I have no desire to leave this country.

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