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The Three Dots

You know you're traveling with the right folks when you can get super drunk with one another and start talking about getting tattoos at 5 in the morning- we thought about "..."- three dots. Andrei three vertical dots on his wrist, Dudu's was a triangle behind his right shoulder, and mine a triangle that looked like "press play" for music.

That's how it's been for the three of us. Every night we have gone to bed with at least 10 drinks behind us and either a kebab or pizza for "breakfast." Twenty-two countries later, I am certain that my best travel experiences were ones with the best travel companions. Italy would not have been the same without Aster; Alaska the first time round with Desiree was amazing; Amsterdam with Sam and Linda was so crazy.

Now I can add Hungary and Croatia to the list. Andrei an Dudu are awesome travel companions. We all gel effortlessly together and know how to throw back and have a good time. Andrei has been our designated leader, keeping track of our daily intinerary as to when we need to leave the house to party and when we need to wake up to make sure we don't oversleep for our flights. Dudu is our navigator, directing us where to go with his internal compass. He's especially good at making sure we know where the bars and restaurants are in relation to our beds. Then there's me, the photographer. Though Andrei and Dudu love to make fun of me for clicking away at every moment- "ya empezó" (meaning, it's started again) I know they secretly love my FB postings. 

Another thing I love about our traveling dynamic is the fact that we are speaking in three different languages at any given point. We teach each other Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Just kidding- not Chinese, though it's been our running joke that every Asian tourist we see must be "my people"- the Chinese because all Asians are from China, duh.

 ¡Cheers, saude, salud!

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