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World Cup 2014

The first match of the World Cup started out with a Brazilian, Mexican, and Californian  Hvar, Croatia.  

We quickly found the brightly yellowed Brazilians amidst the sea of angry red and white Croatians at a restaurant. Though outnumbered by Croatians, the spirit of the dozen or so Brazilians was undoubtedly  stronger. When the Croatian national anthem came on the crowd was silent. When the Brazilian anthem came on all the Brazilians stood up in unison to sing proudly. 

Though Dudu didn't know any of the Brazilians we had met, he quickly became friends with them through this beautiful sport- futbol. There will be no cheesy metaphors here, as I hbo everyone says futbol is a uniter of sorts. Instead, I will say that my experience watching the World Cup with a Brazilian futbol lover was definitely a moment of futbol conversion for me. 

Each goal Brazil scored was an emotional rush. Amazing. 

Thanks to all the Brazilians (and a Mexican) for sharing their love of futbol with me.


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