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Catching up on sleep

Sound sleep is a sign that I have either been on Benadryl, or I am on Italian soil. Last night I had the deepest sleep I've had in months. Angela, my airbnb hostess, has decorated her home with an Amy Whinehouse edge meets Italian baker warmth that would make any visitor feel as though he/she has found the coolest hideaway along the Ligurian coast. 

The last few months I averaged 4 hours of sleep a night, and that is mostly skewed toward the last month since I probably averaged 2-3 hours a night. There were many bucketlist things to do-- from the Durham sunrises at Waffle House and the grand slam visits to Shooters--and the many goodbyes to say that I just didn't have time to sleep. 

Perhaps that is the best excuse I have for not updating my blog and pictures on this site. Between traveling to Montana, back to Italy, then to California for Coachella, Denver to spend quality time with Gigi, and packing all my things to move to my new home in Washington Square, NY, I just don't know when there would have been time to write and sleep.

But now I have time to reflect whilst in Italy, and my reflection will be inspired by the magical characters in my life throughout these last six months so that I can bring their gifts and stories with me into the next chapter of adventures.


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