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1. What were you passionate about as a child?

When I was little I used to do a lot of make believe and live in my head. Some of my most favorite pastimes were in making up games with friends-- I used to pretend that I owned a taco shop, was a librarian, had a hot boyfriend, could draw wedding dresses, write stories, was a waitress... When I was alone and bored by myself on the Saturday mornings when my brother was supposed to be watching me but was in fact sleeping until 1PM in the afternoon and my parents were busy at work, I would take out the pots and pans in the kitchen and start making musical instruments with them or I would start making caramelized drizzle after having watched someone on TV do it, or I would sit in my room cutting my clothes to make new clothes. As I got older I started making things into jewelry or would attempt to paint or or draw. I took the initiative to go to sewing class in high school at a junior college. I also loved the idea of learning languages and attended class to learn how to speak Italian. Then I got into this phase of making candles. I used to love knitting and would beg my mother to teach me how to crochet and sew, but she refused to teach me on the account that I should spend my time focusing on school. I also loved to sing and would sing hours on end in my room. Just remembering the time when I used to cut other people's hair or when I would cut my own hair. I used to enjoy baking betty crocker brownies or make cupcakes. I also liked assembling Valentine's Day cards with candies. 

2. If you didn’t have a job, how would you choose to fill those hours?

If I didn't have a job, I would spend my mornings meditating for an hour, then I would make breakfast, read, go to yoga, and work on my art. The art would be designing a website or writing a blog or photographing something. I'd love to learn how to be a digital artist and create beautiful digital art. I would go for long walks, talk to friends, and do some more reading and writing. I would spend even more time traveling and taking pictures and documenting things. 

3. What makes you forget about the world around you?

Yoga, singing, reading, meditating, walking, listening to music, photography, writing, running. The exact opposite of me losing touch with reality is when I am in my head filled with negative thoughts and fixated on how I can't do anything.  The last time I felt this way is now, writing this blog; last week when I was taking yoga with Dhyanna at Stanton Street Yoga; when I was at Central Park watching the fireworks-- I completely forgot about my worries.

4. What issues do you hold close to your heart?

God- I believe that there is a God. I believe in community and the need for each of us to touch one another daily. Family issues- I pray and I wish every child to have great parents who love their children unconditionally and are incredibly supportive. I believe in the importance of travel and getting outside of one's comfort zone and explore the world through someone else's lens, pun intended. I strongly believe in education and that each person should have access to education and books. I believe in people pursuing their passions and their calling. I believe each person has a right to an opinion, no matter how different it may be from mine.

Topics that I often read about revolve around self-improvement, marketing, social media, finance, grammar, business, meditation, design, lifehack, productivity, buddhism, health...


5. What kind of conversations do you have with your closest friends?

Deep conversations about life fulfillment and relationships. So many of my conversations with friends have been around career and love. Many of my friends (myself included) are so unhappy with their jobs. We are all trying to find a way to cope or trying to find a way to survive. I have enjoyed though discussing what are the new and fun things to do in New York and planning vacations or trips. When my friends reach out to me I think they do so because they know that I will be super compassionate with them and that I will not judge. Meesh often asks me about health-related questiosn and things to do with music. She also asks me for relationship advice. Unknowingly I give Gigi career advice and ways to manage conversations at work. Jessica needed a friend to talk to her about her anxiety. Hannah called me all the way from London so that I could help her with her get through her most physically difficult patch. Bret asked me to be his fun date this weekend. Mary and Mirena asked me to be their tour guide in NYC. Sami asked me to organize his photos. Nidhi asked me to help her pick out a camera. Kavita asked me for digital media tips. Though the latter aren't my closest friend, I'm trying to think about how I am able to help. Natalie is asking me to help her with her business. Andrei and I often talk about businesses, dreams, and art. Aster and I don't really need to talk, we just are together. We do have great conversations, but much of our time spent together is in experiences of being present and in the moment of music and art. Victoria and I often talk aout purpose inlife. Desiree and I talk about passion adn fiding purpose and meaning in life. Nov and I connect on what it means to be happy and to be a genrous person. Meredith and I connect on fitness, health, self-care, and self-empowerment. Nancy asked me to help her through her career advice and help her make decisions. Meredith asked me for business/ career advice. I enjoy talking to others about their life passions and their hidden dreams and telling them to go for it. I want to know what people's dreams are and tell them that they can do it. The other day Reid was so open with me, and we had a deep conversation about his life, love, and career and all things under that umbrella, and that gave me fulfillment to have that type of genuine conversation. That feeds my soul.

6. What is on your bucket list?

I want to take a portrait of Massimo Bottura and interview him. Go to Machu Pichu and climb. Live in Italy-- speak Italian fluently and marry a foreigner. Travel the world 10 times over. Run another marathon. Have a group of friends whom I regularly can have Supper Sundays for again... Own a restaurant where everyone comes on a regular basis and feels like a  neighborhood go-to-spot like Abraco in the East Village. Buy an old typewriter and let people leave messages. Quit Deloitte. Make enough money so that I can travel as much as I want and be able to make my own breakfast in the morning and do yoga/meditate every day, and have a place to call home that I can comfortably have friends visit anytime they want. Have a gallery show. Lose 10 lbs of negative thoughts. Read a book a month consistently. Make a $1M+ and buy my parents a home near a golf course. Go to more ballets, operas, and Jimmy Fallon. Eat at Grant Aschatz's restaurant. Go to Thailand. Go sailing. De-clutter my closet. Pay off my student debt. Learn to love myself completely. Do another 10-day vipassana meditation retreat or do one even longer and serve at one. 

7. If you had a dream, could you make it happen?

Ultimately- yes. Everything that I ever wanted or dreamed of happened at some point in my life. It's a bit  difficult for me to imagine how in the world I would become a portraitist. It seems rather daunting. I knew all the steps to become a consultant, or at least I figured out a way to do it. I figured out a way to get an apprenticeship to a kitchen, figured out how to get auditions to singing... I know how to become a photographer. It will require apprenticeship and a ton of practice. Next step, is find a mentor. Find a mentor who will teach you.