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Two nights ago, I met up with Rachel, who is one of the most beautiful women I know. She has dedicated her life to a passion of sustainability and goodness in the world that makes one believe that one person can really change the world. While working on her non-profit The Clarity Project over in Sierra Leone, she told me the locals would tell her "Rache (pronounced, "rayshe"), Smohl smohl ("schmoll, schmoll"- as if a bit yiddish)" and that was to indicate the thought of thinking little by little, and to celebrate each of the small wins along the way. Accomplishing one's dreams can get overwhelming, but a celebration of the smallest things is important. I am learning the philosophy of my new job is "Smohl smohl- to celebrate the small wins everyday."

Rachel Lichte- recalling her first rock hunt

Rachel Lichte- recalling her first rock hunt

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