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One Week of Yoga

Last week I practiced yoga everyday- 7 days in a row. That's the longest streak I've done in a long time. I would call that a success in my book of starting out my new business. The first 2 days I did more vinyasa yoga and the next two I did Anusara-based yoga- which felt pretty good in my body. I like the opening I get from those mindful practices. Then on Friday and Saturday I did Ashtanga which was incredibly helpful in getting me to breathe. It's very meditative. Last night I did a mixture of Yin and Restorative, which really helped  me relax and fall asleep. 

And I taught yoga too. It's more of a therapeutic kind of yoga that I've been teaching these days. With this particular client I'd like to get him to elongate and free up his right side-- physically and mentally. 

Yoga was my success last week. This week it is getting incorporated.

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