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The Power of Asking Questions

Ever since I was little I learned not to ask questions. Asking questions was a form of disobedience and disrespect in my ultra-conservative Korean household. Though I often had questions, I never felt safe asking them for fear of looking dumb or seeming insolent. But I learned today how powerful a simple question can be. I asked @Florabrookny if I could shoot her work-- beautiful floral arrangements-- and she got back to me today with a Yes! I asked the landlord of 177 Prince St if I could rent out his space for yoga. We're going to meet next week to discuss the possibilities of me using his space/ collaborating. A little over a week ago I asked MC if she would do an exhibit with me, and she said yes. Now we're evolving into a zine of sorts-- New York before 8AM. I asked Daniel at Adorama if he would take a look at my work, and he did and has forwarded my information on to a photographer who reached out to me about assisting. There is so much power in just asking. It opens doors. Though it can be scary and feel shitty to get a no on the other end, what really does a no ultimately mean? It just means that the other end is saying "no" to a thought-- which is not Genevieve or me. It's saying no to a concept that doesn't really even exist, so why get attached or fearful of a "no" response? I get to practice that everyday when I take pictures in the street, "Excuse me, can I take your picture?" And sometimes, this is what I get...

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