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Another Year

2016 was the year of travel. 2017 is the year of roots. After 15 months of travel, I am ready to reclaim a space for myself in Manhattan. Last December, I sold nearly everything in my apartment, sent the rest of my stuff in storage, and have been living out of a suitcase since then.

Though I absolutely loved my time on the road traveling, and I know that I will continue to travel, there’s a growing seed inside my heart that is ready to be transferred to a bigger pot, so to-speak. It’s ready for a more permanent spot in New York. Yes, I’ve chosen New York, a place I once called my enemy. It is not an easy city to live in, but it also gives a great deal. So I am ready to take the plunge. Come January, I plan to sign a lease on a two-bedroom apartment in West Village to start my studio. How do I know this is a good idea? My gut tells me so.

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