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House Party

What a night. What a weekend. I had probably 60 people floating through my apartment starting from 8:46PM Saturday to 4:37AM Sunday. Throughout the night there was a mix of Rhianna grind and Arab 90s mix causing my neighbor below to come upstairs and tell me “I can’t sleep. What is that kind of music anyways?” all the whilst we have a mix of Palestinians and Israelis in a room having a discussion over arak and a few J’s rolling in the background with folks painting in my living room and eating pizza and dancing. The night got even better as my New York cosmos came together. I had my Lebanese friends mixed with my Mexican friends mixed with my lady NY friends and my yogi friends all coming together under one single roof. It was absolutely marvelous having so many good people and good vibes floating throughout the room. There wasn’t a single drop of nastiness in the room. No haters, just friends.

All of this brought me back to my days in university, throwing theme parties every month. I remember Jonny, who is now a NYFW-type of fashion designer, used to DJ, and Tina and Chloe would bring their friends from the woods out to come and play, and my music school friends would bring their respective crews to hang, and my former dorm crew would bring their crews and everyone would just mesh into one huge ball of fun. That’s what Saturday reminded me of—uni. The moment when it all came together for me was when Antos and Claudia recognized each other. Antos is in the crew of Mexican friends I have in NY. And Claudia rolled in with my Lebanese friends. When I heard Claudia speaking Spanish earlier in the night I told her—Ah, I can’t wait for you to meet my Mexi friends. You’re gonna absolutely love them. It only took Antos one minute before she came in and noticed Claudia. They used to go to summer camp together way back in the day. What a beautiful melding of worlds.

The night of worlds colliding got even better. My roommate in Beirut, Eric, emails me earlier in the week, completely out of the blue. I tell him to come to the party, and sure enough, he shows up around 1AM and meets Sami, the originator of how I met all the Lebanese. NY in Beirut meets Beirut in NY. And to top it off, the beauty of it all, was that I was able to introduce my NY lady crew to my Lebanese crew, aka Sami. The one thing I wish I had done was introduce more of the yogis to the others. But in due time… In due time.

What flashed before my eyes as I stood up on the chair to give a speech was the wish I had held in my heart for a year. When I was in Peru I drew a picture of people coming to party in my home, and to see people enjoying themselves with other super cool people. It made me super happy knowing that everyone was having a good time. Such a rad community of people.

I could keep going on about the evening, but I’ll wait for the next time.

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