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Afternoon in Bachoura

It was a combination of hangover, PMS, no sleep and sunburn. Mixed together triggered negative rumination. Instead of a pool-side day with friends in Saida, I thought it best to stay in Beirut and explore.

Soundtrack— Max Richter, Nicolas Jaar, Kiasmos, Mashrou’ Leila, Sia.

Set— buildings and streets of Bachoura

Lighting— warm mediterranean highlights with the drapings of 14:30-16:30 shadows 

Equipment— Canon AE-1, 400 ISO film

Main Character— Rudolfo the feline

Plot— Rudolfo’s time away from the house in search of a place to sunbathe

Conflict— none

He jumped from the seventh story balcony in his home in Sanayeh and landed on his two feet in a neighborhood not too faraway-- Bachoura. Passersby found his coat quite curious, but he did not stop for anyone to pet. He walked with eyes ahead in hopes of finding something and nothing. 

Something #1: a wall painted in street art that protected a crisp white building that stood in front of a dilapidated building, connected by fishing lines of electricity against a backdrop of blue sky and collaged trees

Something #2: shiny silver carafes and coal embers beside that gleamed against the wooden chairs and dusty cement and gray street

Something #3: a freeway ramp framing a 5-story building of disrepair with laundry blowing in the wind beside an elderly lady protecting the streets from her balcony with watchful eyes. When Rudolfo’s gaze met hers she moved away disturbed that her cover had been revealed.

Nothing #1: a beautiful young girl completely covered head to toe in black with a jug of water held in front of her front body met Rudolfo’s gaze and returned it with long eyelashes, pale skin and green eyes with lips blushed matte. She stood still as Rudolfo continued walking slowly in her direction. He wanted to stop and speak with her, but did not out of respect. Their gaze would be enough.

Nothing #2: the outline of a massive building with only one remaining wall and a chain blocking those who would from venturing inside. Pacing in front of the building gave pause for other passersby who found the feline's movement odd. No matter, Rudolfo continued purring until the building spoke to him. Come closer. As beckoned, Rudolfo approached and peered inside, discovering another feline digging in dirt rubble. Likely Rudolfo's piercing curiosity had alarmed the other feline to look up and run, but Rudolfo continued to watch as the low sun embraced the ferns growing amongst the remains of the building. Tears welded in his eyes to meet the streams of sweat on his face. He stood there mesmerized as time slowed and the rest of the world hushed.

Moments and moments later, a rug came by to float him back home for dinner. A nice walk indeed. 

Headphones on, AE-1 and several rolls of film taken, I was no longer ruminating but being.