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Photographer | Designer | Creative Strategist

Based in New York, USA + Beirut, Lebanon

Genevieve Kim is a NY-based artist and storyteller known for using photography and her unique visual perspective to provide a loud physical manifestation to human courage, vulnerability and dignity through her lens. She is a world-hungry savant and a human advocate whose life experience has enriched her creative process with a high octane sensitivity towards her subjects’ essential vital force.

With a background in opera, writing, start-ups, design + media, Genevieve has a deep fascination of the creative process and those endeavoring in it. She has been documenting and interviewing creative minds around the world since 2015. In a world that provides little to no economic incentive to make art, Genevieve seeks to understand what drives artists to continue to create.  It is her greatest hope that in photographing the creative traditions that the wisdom within these narratives will continue to guide the human spirit for many more moons. 

When not in New York, Genevieve spends her time studying the lands and cultures of the Arab and Latin American worlds. These places altogether inspire and confound her in the beauty and conflict that exist within these arbitrary borders. Most recently, Genevieve worked with UN Habitats in Lebanon to document the vulnerable neighborhoods throughout the country, surveying the struggles that exist within these communities.

Current project underway is the Eye See You Project, a global project to photograph 1,000 strangers as a practice of seeing and being seen, in collaboration with The Assemblage NoMad, Ubuntu Market, Melissa Galeria, Invisible Technologies, BURNT, The Munchies Table and photographers around the world. Self-taught in photography, Genevieve has had her work appear in the NY Times, AdWeek, MOZAIC, Business Insider, UN Habitats and other publications. 

Genevieve is also involved in a number of other projects. Founder + Creative Director of media production company Triangleflash Studio and The Munchies Table. Partner + Strategic Advisor + Content Creator of Ubuntu Market. Founder of BURNT. Contributor of MOZAIC Magazine. Co-host of the I See You Dinner Series with Juanita Galvis, Carolina Santos and Veronica Cabeza. Career mentor for students at her alma mater Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Formal education includes a dual degree in Opera Performance and Modern Literature from the University of California Santa Cruz and a MBA degree with a concentration in Finance from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.



Artist Statement from July 2017 Exhibit

Doctors said I had a chemical imbalance. Therapists said I had repressed childhood memories. Priests told me that I was not praying enough while bosses said that I just needed better goal-setting. Perhaps. But I now know what fog malaised me over the last 10 years with suicidal depression. Regret.

10 years ago, I said the biggest fuck you and abandoned a career in opera. After several years of failed auditions I told myself to stop fucking around and get a real job.

From that moment regret punished me in every way possible. I rock climbed wrecklessly without harness, ran marathons and cycled across state lines, hitting wall after wall. I forced my way through academically challenging subjects—a post-bacc in pre-med and an MBA in finance. I deprived myself of sleep and food, substituting them with abusive relationships, drugs and a joyless job.

In August 2015, after coming home alone from the hospital, I decided to face my regret once and for all. No more laying on the bathroom floor crying with razor in hand. Instead, I wrote my two-week notice, sold all my things and began a sojourn to find my voice again.

The photos displayed here are flashbacks of the silence and encounters whilst on my pilgrimage. From New York to Beirut, to artists of all crafts, it is within these photos I wish to say Namaste.

Genevieve// 27 July 2017


  • Portraits: Narrate the essence of you and your work through honest and powerful images

  • Narrative Editorials/ Photo Essays: Bring your story to life with an accompanied written narrative and branded assets designed for promoting your work

  • Creative Direction

Next project availability is February 2019.


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